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The Camden Card

Tue 13 Jun

Trader Spotlight

Back to the (Games) board

Board and card games - once a pastime from your youth - are back in fashion. Games such as What Do You Meme and Cards Against Humanity are bringing organised fun into the 21st century. A form of unadulterated joy, specialised cafés are growing in popularity, and now spreading across the UK so jump on that proverbial bandwagon and rediscover your childhood favourites or uncover a hidden gem at Village Games.

Fri 18 Jan

Trader Spotlight

New Traders

A new week brings brand new traders from the London foodie scene or fashion retail. When you come to Camden, you'll always find a gem (or your belly full).

Tue 15 Jan

New Year, New You

Are you struggling through Dry January?

Christmas is over. The back-to-back drinking festivities of Christmas and New Year has left you needing a break from anything and (almost) everything alcohol-related:

Fri 11 Jan

Cinematic Camden

Hollywood Comes to Camden

More and more Hollywood productions are coming across the pond. Notably, Disney’s Marvel franchise is a big fan of our shores. However, London has been a filming hotspot decades before international film companies wanted to bask in its beauty. North London, particularly around the Camden area can be seen in some British classics featuring a star-studded cast.

Fri 4 Jan

Trader Spotlight

New Traders

Wander through Camden Market and find the newest traders on the block. Pick up a treat for yourself or purchase something for a loved one!

Wed 26 Dec

A Camden Stroll

A Winter Walk

There's nothing we want to do less than get up and go outside after a Christmas indulgence but if you're feeling inspired, do yourself (and your health!) a favour, by getting out in the great unknown (more commonly called Regent's Park) and get some fresh air. It's good for you, promise!

Fri 21 Dec


Christmas at Camden Market

Last Minute Gift Guide

Christmas at Camden Market

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Trader Spotlight

Everything 5 Pounds Comes to Camden Market

Christmas at Camden Market

#GiftsForYourGut Pop Up

Christmas at Camden Market

Discover the best Christmas specials

Christmas at Camden Market


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